Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Proud Aunt Dea holding baby Sarina minutes old!
"Nana and GiGi (short for Great Grandma) with Grace

This pumpkin was about 1100 pounds!

Wow. I can't believe it's been a month since I've posted! We had a fantastic Halloween. We went to Indiana and spent Halloween with our families. On Friday we went to go visit my mom and then later we visited my husband's grandfather at the nursing home. He fell a few months ago and broke his hip. The healing is going very slow. He's 96 years old.

Anyway, Grace had a blast at the nursing home. My mother-in-law would say "Grace, come here and say Happy Halloween!". Grace would run to the door and say "There's another Grammy! Happy Halloween!" Every time she would see a woman, she would say "Another Grammy!" She was dressed as a Care Bear.

On November 19 my Sister-in-law had her baby girl Sarina Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards). The baby is doing well, but she has a sensitive stomach, so she requires a special formula. We are hoping she will be able to come home tomorrow so she is home for Thanksgiving, but it depends on how she's eating and if she can keep this formula down.

This Thanksgiving will be a little better than the other years. I will go out on Wednesday with Grace. It's always easier to travel with her earlier in the day. We will stop to visit my mom. Thanksgiving day we have lunch at my MIL's and then we go to my mom's for dinner. I usually stay the night and come home on Friday. I haven't decided whether I will do any shopping on Black Friday or not. We don't need any Christmas gifts, so I don't know. We do have to get back to the house sometime on Friday. I am doing a trial group for a new cat litter. I have to use the litter for two weeks, and each day I have to log in and tell the panel what I think of the litter. I have to make sure the litter boxes are clean so the cats will use this new litter. Either we have to rush home on Friday, or perhaps I'll put another litter box out so that we don't have to come back until Friday night or even Saturday. I haven't decided yet.

Enjoy the pics of Grace on Halloween and our family picture taken at church for our new directory. I think they turned out GREAT!