Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Blahs

I am so done with this cold weather. I have been cooped up in this house. I'm freezing! We're trying to save money on our gas bill, so we have the thermostat set to 68. However, in the basement, which is where the television and computers are, it's about 64. Since my daughter is currently taking a nap, and I don't want to disturb her, I'm just sitting being quiet...and because I'm not active, I'm COLD! I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can get out and have fun....get some exercise, lose some weight....

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am going to print these and include them with her Elmo birthday invitations....
Our Valentine sent to family

Four Months ago Today

Four months ago today a judge in Kemerovo, Russia made us the happiest people on earth. She granted us our petition to adopt our daughter. We were so nervous as we sat in that court room. The judge asked Brian a lot of questions about his health, and also asked about our home, our yard, and our schools. She also asked questions about our families. When it was my turn, she asked me why I don't have a job with my bachelor's degree. I explained that I wanted to stay home with our child. I then asked for the 10-wait period to be waived. We left the court room for all of 30 seconds, and when we returned the prosecutor told us there was no reason for her to deny our petition, and the judge granted us custody of our daughter!

These four months have gone quickly, and Grace continues to grow and learn. We have had a few days of good weather, and I have taken the oportunity to take her to the park and to the zoo. At the zoo, she was dancing and singing, and I finally realized that she was singing "Old McDonald". She sang it for all the animals we saw, including the giraffe and bears! She loves the camera. For Valentine's Day, I made a sign and had her hold it. She would not even wait for me to take the picture, but would come running to see the picture on the screen. I finally got a shot that was good enough and e-mailed the Valentine to our families. Tomorrow I am going to the party store to get balloons for V-Day, as Grace absolutely loves balloons.

She is continuing to gain weight. She is now up to 18 pounds. That is so exciting for us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

One year ago yesterday

One year ago yesterday, we received the bad news that the little girl in Guatemala that we were in the process of adopting was no longer available. Later that day, on Feb. 4, 2008 we received a referral of a baby girl in Russia. She was 11 months old, and she was tiny. One year ago today, we contacted our adoption agency and accepted the referral. It was a very rough ride. We are so glad we accepted the referral and are now the proud parents of this beautiful little girl.