Friday, September 19, 2008

We have a court date!!!!

We were notified on Thursday that we have a tentative court date for October 13 (probably won't change, but we're waiting for confirmation).

We are currently scrambling to make travel arrangements.  We've already called the travel agency (I don't want the hassle of trying to schedule all those flights!!) and she will get in touch with me later today. Of course, just like the first trip, we can't purchase the tickets until we get the confirmation.  

We will have to make arrangements for our stay in Moscow on our own.  There are tons of apartments available.  We are trying to find some under $150, which is proving really hard.  The family that traveled at the same time to meet their son is also traveling at the same time for their court.  We are trying to work together to get the same apartment building.  It would be nice to be in the same area.    They are in Georgia and decided to book their own flights, so we won't see them until we get to the airport in Kemerovo...we might see them on the flight from Moscow to Kemerovo..I think there's only one airline that makes the flight.   Anyway...I know we'll be staying in the same hotel in Kemerovo because our agency makes the reservations for us.  

It will be nice to have another American couple staying near us in Moscow.  We will be able to sight see together, and of course take some FAMILY PICTURES!

We are just so excited to be able to to.

Please pray for us as we make travel arrangements and approach our travel date.  

Thanks for all your prayers so far...they have truly been a blessing to us, and have helped us survive to this point!!!!